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Scotland Stamp by phantom Canada Stamp by phantom

YO What's up?!

I am a Comic artist and concept artist, currently focusing on my long term project the Yellow Jacket Wasp. I work as a full-time Security Team Lead and on my days off am usually found drawing, stalking around the house, hanging out or playing video games. I am theatrical, out going, competitive, childish, and sarcastic. I'm also a realist, and stuck between being an extrovert and Introvert.

Ivysaur Sprite. Generation VI by The-National-Pokedex murkrowmonfernogalvantulameowthtyphlosionfloatzelgarchompcrawdaunt


The War to be won by RiotPilot
The War to be won
WOOO DAMN, this took me a few days!! I don't really focus on the group in tense situations and really wanted to make something for it! Here are a couple of dramatic scenes from the YJW in poster format! Enjoy! 
omg Talik's crying....real manly meant tears! 
What do you guys think of this? : ) 
Akumee Reference by RiotPilot
Akumee Reference
Name- Akumee
Species- Galalee Pet (Domesticated) 
Gender- Male
Age- 5 years (lives to 30)
Owner- YJW crew
Size- (House cat) 
Personality - A big SUCK, Akumee behaves like a cat, and is very affectionate and friendly. When threatened Akumee will either run or attack, his bite is painful. 
I've been wanting to include a pet into the YJW story and NOW IT HAS BEEN DONE. Akumee will come into the story by sneaking aboard the ship and therefore making his home there. 
Team Support by RiotPilot
Team Support
Talik, Rayzor, Jen, Razzle and Oliver.  Practicing groups! References were used! 

The idea here is that Jen and Talik are about to go on a mission or side quest and Rayzor is giving some "Really good" advice to better prepare them. 

Talik's t-shirt logo belongs to :iconkhronosabre: : ) 

and yes... Talik is shorter than Jen...
I will start with 3 again, three slots open! 
1) Galaxy-Of-Stars

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Desperado-Raiden Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hey so I have a question. You drew Siren!Rhys a while back and I am writing a story about siren Rhys, would it be chill if I used you pic? with acknowledgements and all that? 
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Hi, thanks for watching me and stuff ^^
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Thanks for the watch and all the faves! Appreciate it~Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
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